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12:44 PM

Hi y'all, 
finally a new post! I know it sucks that I haven't posted anything lately, but I was trying some different things and I realized that blog is just for me. I'll start posting every Saturday and there will be some different programs, so that means more posts! For my comeback I've prepared my favorite summer drink. It's refreshing and what's more important-100% natural!

This is what you'll need:
Mint (in leafs)
Water (Mineral or regular)
Ice (optional)

1) Cut the lemon in half and take on half and cut it on smaller slices.

2) Other half just squeeze into the glass.

3) Put some mint leafs ( I've got mine from the garden, but I also tried with dried mint and it also turned out great).

4) Add water ( I used regular water, but you can also use mineral water).

5)Put it in a fridge and leave it for about 15 min. Also if you're doing it with a bottle, feel free to shake it before you put it in a fridge.

And that's it! Fast and easy drink for these hot summer days. Enjoy!

P.s. Leave me a feedback in the comments down below.

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