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Hi Y'all, so a lot of you ask me how I edit my instagram photos and I decided to show you now.
Two apps that I use are VSCOcam (what a shocker) and PhotoGrid.


My favorite effects are HB2 and sometimes F2 (both free). Next I go in settings (little tool in menu).


I usually put Exposure on -1 or -2, because I like darker photos and Contrast on +1 or more.


Also, I don't like bright colors so I put Saturation on -3 and Fade, just on +1.  

New option on VSCOcam is that you can decide what size you want to save your photo, so I put on actual size. After editing in VSCOcam I go in PhotoGrid and put frame on my photo.


After all editing I find some good quote and put it in caption. That's it! Please check out my profile and follow me @lukalajic!


See you next Saturday!
xoxo Luke 

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