8:51 AM

Hey guys,
so for today I've got a new type of post- unboxing post. I finally bought these beautiful sneakers that I want for so long.

Mine are in size 9, even though I normally wear size 8. The models are smaller than usual, so when I tried them on, in my size, they were really uncomfortable.

The full price is around 90€, but I got 30% off, so that was a really good deal.

Although I consider these sneakers way to common, I still love them. I find it very irritating when people, with no style, go around buying trendy clothes and, immediately, think they're fashion icons- but honey, it doesn't work like that!

The reason why I really like these is, because they have a sporty look, but can go perfectly with, almost, any street fashion outfit.

If you want purchase these, you can do it here- ASOS; Adidas Superstar, and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below!


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4 komentari

  1. nice shoes! simple but classy!! xxx p.


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