Halloween Special

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Halloween- my favorite day of the year, after Christmas. I adore all Halloween decorations such as Jack O'Lanterns and cute little ghosts. Because I can never make anything on time I've prepared a few very quick, cheap and simple DIYs that can be done in less than an hour.

Fake Jack O'Lanterns

Halloween without J. O'Lanterns is not really a Halloween, but carving the pumpkin is a bother! To make it simple, I took a black marker and drew the face on the pumpkin. Without a mess and under 10 mins! I also added a few tangerines and drew faces on them so now I have a Jack O'Lantern family.


Every witch should have at least one bottle of poison, so why shouldn't a fashion blogger have one, there's barely any difference! :) I bought the bottle in IKEA for 1€, poured some hot water inside and added a few drops of green ink. Give it a good shake! To make it more realistic you can print out a note that says "poison" or you can simply make one on your own. (I recommend PicMonkey)

Flying little ghosts

I'll be honest, I don't like scary at all, including for Halloween. I prefer nice and lovable decorations like cute little ghosts! I simply printed out a few ghosts, cut them out and glued them to a piece of rope.

The old portrait

I thought something was missing next to the old candle holder and then I remembered one old picture frame I have! I didn't know what to put inside so I just googled "old portraits" and I found this interesting old gentleman!

I hope you like the DIYs and in my opinion, they can be done very easily. Also, big thanks to my dear friend Dora, who helped me a lot with this post! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 


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