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Hey guys,
so for today I have prepared a review of the product I've been using for the past few days. It's mousse from Taft which gives volume up to two days. Taft gives you a choice between 1 to 5 intensity hold. For months I've been struggling with my hair which looks absolutely terrible after washing and blow-drying and I can’t style it the way I want. 

How to use it?
After you wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner, dry your hair with a towel. Before using, give the mousse a good shake and squeeze out the amount you think is enough for your hair length. Rub in the mousse from the top of your hair to the tips then style it the way you want. The mousse works on the principle of heat and starts working straight after the blow-drying. Personally I’m very satisfied, because now I don’t have to use big amounts of hair gel or hairspray.

It gives a great volume to the hair which lasts up to two days. It's way easier to style the hair and you don’t have to use a lot of other products for it to look good. It doesn't grease the hair and it doesn't give it a fake shine like some other products do.

The hair can look a bit dry and when you run your fingers through it after the blow-drying it can feel as if you already have hair gel.

Where to buy it?
In Croatia you can buy it in any drugstore (Dm, Kozmo, Bipa, Müller). If you want to order it online clink on any of the links- Here and Here.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.


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