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Hi Y'all,
last week in school, I wrote an essay about my favorite part in Zagreb. I think it's pretty good, so I decided to put it here. Enjoy!

Zagreb is my favorite city in Croatia and it's also my home town. The Upper town is my favorite part of Zagreb and there you can take a relaxing walk or do something peaceful. The Upper town is the oldest part of Zagreb and there live only old citizens who are better known as "Purgeri". If you don't like crazy parties, you will love this part of the city.

The Upper town is popular for a lot of attractions like "Kamenita vrata" and "Grički top". If you want to drink coffee in a peaceful atmosphere, you can find a lot of small cafe bars with the great view on Zagreb. Croatians are very religious people, so you will see a lot of churches and there is also the Croatian biggest cathedral. After a long walk, I'm sure you will be hungry, so you can try original Croatian dishes, such as "Sarma" for main meal or "Štrukli" for dessert. A lot of teens say that the Upper town is boring, but tourists love it.

My hobby is blogging (you don't say) and I often go to Strossmayer's promenade to take photos for my blog and Instagram profile. Personally, I adore the nature and that's the main reason why I use the Upper town as the location for my photo-shoots. Also, the light is amazing there and you surely know how important it is in photography. After work, I enjoy the view with my photographer on the highest bench of the promenade.

If you're planning a trip to Zagreb, take my advice and first visit the Upper town, believe me, you won't regret it. Also, an advice for any fashion blogger or photographer, go to St. Marks square and take photos of the awesome colorful roof of St. Marks church. Enjoy the Zagreb!


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