New Years Outfits by Étoile Lidy

7:27 AM

Hi Y'all,
first of all- Merry Christmas! I didn't post on Saturday because I was relaxing over the holidays, but now I prepared a new years special for you guys! This post I dedicate to all my female readers that, maybe, still don't know what to wear for the new years eve. I had teamed up with Etoile Lidy (a croatian fashion brand) and picked up two great outfits consisting of their amazing dresses. One outfit is bursting with attention while the other one is softer so every girl can pick the one that suits her the best.

The stunning queen of attention

This wonderful golden dress is the perfect choice for a girl who wants to shade everyone else in the room and have all eyes on herself. The perfect match for this dress are black or brown high heels, like the ones Zrinka is wearing.

The charming diva

If you want something less dramatic, this blue dress is a very grateful choice. It leaves you breathless but it is also very comfortable. You can be elegant wearing high heels or if you want it more street style-ish wear sneakers and you're ready to go!

You can order both dresses via e-mail ( or whatsapp/viber (+385 91 5510 168). If you want to see more of Etoile Lidy like their facebook page and follow their instagram (@etoilelidy). On Saturday I will be posting a casual, every day combination, again teamed up with Etoile Lidy.

Happy New Year!


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