Cloud Bracelets

3:15 PM

Hi Y'all,
first week of school is finally behind us! Just 20 weeks more... yey! However, it's Saturday so let's talk about something nice, i.e. this bracelets. I've got them in my mail yesterday and I was so excited when I saw them. Cloud bracelets are hand made and you can order them in any color you want. 

I've got two bracelets, so I'll give one to my bestie and they will be our friendship bracelets. You can style them with almost every outfit, because they're so cool and simple. Also, they're so comfortable and soft, like you have a cloud around your wrist. 

If you don't know what to buy to your boyfriend/girlfriend or anyone who you love, cloud bracelets would be a great choice. Purchase your sample via Instagram @cloud_bracelets or e-mail ( 


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