Menswear Trends for Spring 2016

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Hi Y'all,
I'm so excited about this post, because I think you might like it. First of all I have to say that I'm not a professional trend forecaster and these are trends that I've seen in a lot of fashion magazines and style sites. I will show you four trends that I am, maybe, going to wear in 2016.


I've seen a lot of brown color on the runway and the list goes from light brown and camel all the way to chocolate brown. My personal favorite is Balmain with different khaki shades and earth tones.

Balmain and Kenzo 


The male jumpsuit has finally made it mainstream. The one-piece is no longer just for mechanics, bee keepers or race car drivers. The 70s-inspired couture that's now popular among women is also being revived for men. I fell in love with them after Balmain X H&M Collection and I'm sure that I'll buy one in 2016.

Alexander Wang and Givenchy


Floral prints are a key component to this season’s trends. Used to breathe a new life into menswear staples, designers have manipulated floral prints for a vast spectrum of uses that take the delicate element from subtle to bold.

Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana


For the past several seasons I've seen women's pants getting wider and wider. With Spring 2016, menswear is catching up. I'm not a huge fan of wide pants and I love skinny jeans, but in 2016 I might change my style. 

Umit Benan and Berluti


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