Easter Table Decorating Ideas

4:30 PM

Hi Y'all,
finally lifestyle post, right? Lately I was pretty into fashion, as you could see. However, Easter is right around the corner, so I've prepared three table decorations that you can easily create in your house. All things that I used in my sets are DIY's or pretty cheap decorations from dollar/craft store.


This set is my favorite because of the color palette and vintage look. It's really easy to create this decoration on your table, you'll just need big retro vase, piece of wood or an old tray and dry flowers. Also, I baked this chocolate cake in literally 15 mins. and I'll post a recipe on blog as soon as I can. 


Not quite Eastern, but I like the vintage vibe of all this in the set. As you can see, this is pretty simple and you have everything in your house to create it. Go with the flow, put all vintage things that you can find, only be careful with the color pallet and try to keep it simple.  


And after the dark and vintage sets, here's one for all of you who like bright and colorful Easter. To be honest, this is real Eastern decoration for me and I'm pretty sure this will be on my table. This cool vase is a DIY and I really like it with other green and yellow details. Also, big basket filled with Easter eggs would be perfect!


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