Best Looks From Eurovision 2016 Semi- Final 1

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Hi Y'all,
so I couldn't resist writing a post about Eurovision and its fashion. I'm a huge fan of Eurovision and I have been watching it since I was 4. I do have a few favorites in music but sadly I'm not the best person on the field to debate over that, so I'm going to stick with my specialty- fashion! I've chosen three girls and three guys who are my personal favorites.

Armenia- Iveta Mukuchyan

Iveta looks like a lost Kardashian sister and did you know that Kardashians are actually Armenian? However, I really like this bodysuit and the cloak that's attached to it also looks amazing. It's super simple, but a lot of jewelry boost up whole look.  Also, this bodysuit is custom made for Iveta by Armenian fashion house Kivera Naynomis.

Azerbaijan- Samra 

OK, OK, here's my favorite girl! This chick is seriously slayin'. She looks fierce and sexy in this beautiful bodysuit and, I'm sure, Beyonce would totally rock this outfit too. Her dancers look incredible and I love the concept of the whole performance. Everything looks so expensive and high class- typically for Azerbaijan.

Malta- Ira Losco

On her second rehearsal, Ira wore a giant hybrid of a dress and an incredible coat that had projection mapping built into it- incredible and very futuristic, however, that wasn't practical for pregnant Ira. The dress that she wore on main performance also looks great and I think that she looks perfect in it!

Hungary- Freddie

Even though I'm not super amazed with casual denim jeans on big stage, I still think he looks pretty good if we compare him to other male performers. Maybe jeans aren't suitable for this kind of event, however it's still better than basic tuxedo or a suit! It's better to look like a casual fashionista than like bartender.

Russia- Sergey Lazarev 

I don't have much to say about Sergey except that I really like his shirt and that's probably the main reason I'm writing about him. And also, his dancing pretty good, but I don't like recycled performances...

Cyprus- Minus One  

And the real superstars right there! For me, Cyprus is this years winner. I love their scenography, costumes, video background and the most important, song! They're true example of how good performer should sound and look like. Bravo Minus One, you're rockin'.


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