Story; From Dream to Success

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Hi Y'all,
today I want to introduce you to my instafriend Ognjen who made his dream come true! He always wanted to be a model and now, he is in Milan doing what he does the best. If you want to see more awesome pics, follow him @hibridicus on Instagram. I won't be long, you can read for yourself his story of success.

When you talk about modeling as a job, the first few stereotype things that comes to your mind are that modeling is a dream job, very easy, so much fun, never boring, very exciting. And that's partly true. I won't talk about negative things here because I'm someone who is focusing on positive ones always. That's how you keep yourself happy. 

I started with modeling last year, in November. I remember I saw a casting event somewhere on social media and I was all about going, but I felt insecure. When you have a lot of people in your life telling you you're not good enough for some things, you may lose perception of what you really present, of what you really are. There's always one part of you telling you that you can do it, but then there's also a part of you that's not sure about that. And you have to fight it. I think that's the first step of succeeding. 

The night before the casting, I was at a party and I decided not to drink. But I couldn't resist it. Come on, it was Friday night. 
Next day, I woke up half an hour before the casting finished. And I went out of house running, looking really bad, with messy hair. I bought water and cigarettes and I arrived 5 minutes before closing. I was the last one in the line. Also, I was too hangover to be nervous. 
I filled out the form, took a couple of photos and then director came to me saying some things I'll never forget. And for the first time in my life I felt so worthy and independent. I went home after casting almost screaming out my soul. So happy.

After a couple of months, I was confirmed for Milan - my very first adventure out of my country. And it felt so unreal, I can't even describe it. I don't see this job like a job, I don't feel it like it's hard. I see it like a milion of my dreams coming true in very short period, one by one.
Being in Milan for one month was for sure the best time of my life. I went on some castings, got my first jobs. It's so weird to work when you're only seventeen. But that feeling after work is priceless. Especially if you love your job. I do.

The next big challenge for me is Paris. I'm officially confirmed for Paris Fashion Week, which is unbelievably nice for me. I can't wait to meet Paris the way I met Milan. There's something about every new place you're going to and that's mystery. You never know what's hiding behind the corner and you never know which street will change your life. 
I'm looking for one that will change mine. 


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  1. ime ti je Luka. Kaj sereš onda sa tim Luke. Retardacije. I btw ako išta želiš postići moraš scaki dan postati. ista stvar sa youtubeom. I promijeni kosu. POD HITNO: Ovako izgleda vrlo tužno. da je tvoja kosa živa rekla bi mi Zašto. Sretno momak

    1. Hvala ti na komentaru! Bez brige, novih postova će biti, imat ćeš što za čitati. Poz ;)