OSHUNwhite Review

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Hi Y'all,
school is finally over for me! I'm super happy and excited about my three months vaycay. I'm going to work on my new project and, if everything goes well, I'll present it to you this autumn.

For today I've prepared a little review of this great product for dental hygiene and naturally whiter teeth. OSHUNwhite are a natural health and beauty company based in London. Their main product consists of naturally flavoured virgin coconut oil and you can choose between four natural flavours: Spearmint, Peppermint, Crushed Lime and Wild Cherry. I picked crushed lime and I have to say, it tastes amazing! It's so refreshing and delicious, literally, it's better than any chewing gum.
In every order you get 14 daily sachets of virgin coconut oil in the flavour of your choice, presented in a really nice box. 

Oil pulling technique is old ancient method of getting whiter teeth and a healthier mouth naturally. To be honest, a wasn't really sure in effect of using these kit, but after few days of using it, my teeth really looked whiter than before. I used the product every day in the morning after my dental routine, because normal toothpaste usually leaves terrible taste in my mouth. Also, in my order, I got copper tongue cleaner that help cleaning all bacteria in your mouth.

And finally, my opinion on this whitening kit... IT'S AWESOME! After only 14 days of using it, my teeth look so whiter and healthier than before. Tongue cleaner is great for killing all bacteria that cause bad breath, so through day, my mouth feel fresh and clean. I'm so impressed with OSHUNwhite that I became their ambassador and I have special offer for you guys! Use this link if you want a 15% commission on your order. If you already tried this kit, please leave me your opinion down below.


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