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Hi Y'all,
my favorite type of videos on You Tube are closet confidential TAG and Closet Tour and I really wanted to write a blog post with the questions from that TAG. However, just putting clothes on wall and taking picture of it seems pretty lame to me, so I decided to make a few outfit wearing clothes that I would show you as an answers to all questions. So, let's get started!

What is the oldest item in your closet? × What is the most affordable item? × What was the biggest waste of money? × What is the most uncomfortable item (but you would take the pain because you love it)? × Pick your favorite black item. 
I have a lot old clothes from my dad, because I love wearing his retro tees. However, these Jeans are my mom's and I would say they are pretty old. The most affordable item is, definitely, my green coat that I bought in Thrift shop for about 5 dollars. This striped shirt is, unfortunately, my biggest waste of money, because the material is really terrible. It feels like a plastic and I'm sweating so much in it. Even tho these Chelsea boots are the most uncomfortable shoes that I ever own, they're also my favorite black item and I would take the pain for them.

What is the newest item? × What are your 3 favorite items right now?
These awesome striped pants are my newest item and they are also one of my favs right now. This is my favorite outfit for this Summer, because everything is so stylish and fancy, and on the other side, you won't be hot after 15 mins. of wearing it.

What is the most expensive item? × What is your favorite piece that you've gotten as a gift? × What is the most comfortable item? × Pick your favorite white item. × Show us your favorite complete outfit. 
I don't have really expensive items, because I love buying clothes on sales and I usually buy all my clothes in High Street shops. However, the most expensive item is definitely my ELFS tee with Santa Madonna. It's not like the highest price for a item, but it was pretty expensive for a regular tee. I got that tee from my great friend Karla, who bought it for my B-day. It's also my favorite white item. Also, I love my Adidas Superstar, they're the most comfortable shoes and you can wear it with everything! And this is my favorite complete outfit.

What is the most colorful item in your closet? × What was the biggest bargain?
Recently I've bought a lot of colorful items. Usually, I like neutrals and black, so any other color is outrageous for me. So, this beautiful sweater is really something different for me, but I love it. In almost same color, I've bought sneakers that are the biggest bargain in my closet! I bought them in H&M for like 5 dollars.


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