Polette Eyewear Review

11:09 AM

Few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from an eyewear company Polette asking me if I'd be interested in doing a review of their glasses. As I wanted a new pair of opticals for more than a year, I was really excited about this offer. I spent a few days searching for a perfect pair for myself, because they offer a huge range of options. Also, there's no middle-men between their factories and their customers and they sell designer's frames from $6.99 to $49.99, anti-reflective and anti-scratching coating lenses from $9.99 to $75. In the end, choice fell on the Horoscope, even though I was thinking between these and the Tuxedo Black. The ordering process is pretty simple and fast, however it's really important to have exact details about your prescription. I have to point out that their service is absolutely amazing! First time I tried to order these glasses, I messed up my address and they were so kind to change it for me and put it in the right order. The glasses came so fast, literally I got them in less than two weeks. First time I tried them on, I was really happy that they fit perfectly and look great on me. Since the day I got them, I'm wearing them all the time, and they will totally replace my old Ray-Bans.

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