Bučević Sisters

6:00 AM

Ana and Nada are the only ones in this category who influenced my life directly. Many have inspired and motivated me which is the reason why they are in this category, but these beautiful women have changed my life completely. Almost a year ago I have discovered Ana's YouTube channel 'Safari Duha' ('Safari of the Spirit') on which she talks about the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking. I was amazed with this new discovery and I started to study the LOA. After watching almost all of her videos, I decided to buy her book 'In the Vortex of accomplished wishes', as well as Nada's book 'Daily dose of inspiration/motivation' (originally 'Dnevna doza NADAhnuća', NADAhnuće being a play of Nada's name and the Croatian word for inspiration/motivation – 'nadahnuće'). Both books are bestsellers in many Balkanian countries. Even though the point is the same in both books, each sister has her own style of writing and deserve praise! Besides being authors, Ana holds various seminars and is a co-owner of the BigU Academy, while Nada motivates her followers on social networks daily and has her own jewelry line. I am unconditionally thankful to these beautiful sisters for showing me this new dimension and truly changed my life!



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