Fast and easy pasta with tuna

9:00 AM

Preparation: 30 min
Serving 2

250 g Spaghetti
250 g Tomato Sauce
320 g Tuna tin
2 claves Garlic
Olive oil
Parmesan cheese (Optional)

Cook your pasta following the instructions on the package.
Tip: Put a pinch of salt in the boiling water before you put pasta in.
Chop garlic and put it on hot oil in the saucepan.
After few minutes, when garlic gets rose color, add tuna.
Cook for about 5-6 min and then pour tomato sauce.
Cook for another 5 minutes and add pepper, salt and few teaspoons of Parmesan for richer flavor.
Turn off the fire and tip spaghetti in the sauce, toss well.

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