FFFriday: 3 Fashion terms you should know

12:57 PM

Last night I came up with an new a topic idea! FFFriday stands for Fun Fashion Friday and in this series I'm gonna share with you some fashion terms that you should know, funny and ridiculous trends that (thanks God) passed by and some stuff- of course, about fashion. I'm sure you will cry your ass out and maybe learn something new, so definitely make sure to check every upcoming post! In this post I'll explain you 3 fashion terms/ styles that are trending right now.


New trend started primary by Kourtney Kardashian and followed by her younger sister Kylie. Lampshading is wearing thigh high boots with oversized sweater/ sweater dress. I find this trend very cool and I think it looks quite effortless but still chic and cool.

The Blogger Jacket

As the name says, it's popular among fashion bloggers, but I would say also among all fashionistas. It is wearing your jacket/coat or any other outwear just over the shoulders. It makes your outfit look much stylized and pretty expensive.

Kitten Heels

Heels that are short, around 1.5 inch. These heels are huge trend right now and I'm disgusted! I'm sorry if any of you like them, but these shoes are so ugly to me, like if you want high heel just buy 6" Louboutins! Anyways, even the ugliest pieces in fashion have their name. 

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