How I edit my outfit photos in Photoshop

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Here’s a simple routine in Photoshop that I’m doing on my outfit posts. I don’t spend hours and hours editing these photos, like I would do with editorial photos. I always shot in RAW because I find it much easier to edit brightness and other stuff in this format. Let’s get started!

Editing Raw format

After I open a picture that I want to edit I fix brightness, contrast, shadows, etc. I usually adjust everything in this Raw format editor as you can see.

Straightening and Cropping 

If I’m standing in front of wall with bricks (like here), I usually need to straighten the picture and also crop a little to make it more symmetric. ATTENTION! When you’re cropping your image, be sure to use same proportion as the original picture.


I don’t like to spend a lot of time retouching my skin for outfit posts, so I just use blemish tool to remove a pimple or a mole.

Fixing the hair

A lot of time it’s windy outside when I’m shooting so it can ruin my hair. I use liquefy tool to shape the hair, and as you can see, it looks so much better after.


And the last step in my routine is sharpening. You can do it in a lot of different ways, but this is how I do it. Copy layer> Change from Normal to Soft Light and then you just need to apply High Pass filter (Filter>Other>High Pass) to that layer. I always leave the number around 2,5, but that depends on the picture.

Final Result 

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