My favorite director: Tim Burton

8:59 AM

Tim Burton is my favorite director of all time! I’m amazed with his sense of humor and his every character is so unique and special. I don’t like horrors and very scary things as you may know, but his dark, almost Gothic, theme is fascinating me! He can make a character who kills people in the most disgusting way and I will still find him cute and sweet. (I’m talking about Sweeney Todd, if you didn't get it) Also, when he teams up with Johnny Depp (my favorite actor) and Helen Bonham Carter they make a masterpiece right away! Here’s the list of my favorite movies directed by Tim Burton!
1.       Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2.       Alice in Wonderland
3.       Edward Scissorhands
4.       Sweeney Todd
5.       Dark Shadows

Do you like Tim Burton? What’s your favorite movie directed by him?

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