#tbt Polenta in hair

5:23 PM

“We always treat our best friends worst”, I don't know if this applies to you, but for me in this story it was definitely valid. After a tiring day in school, a few of my friends and I went to lunch in the school canteen. That day I was really uptight and nervous for some reason and was irritated by everything and everyone. However, my friend Karla found it particularly amusing and decided to provoke me a little. She better not have done that... During lunch she constantly drummed her finger and banged her fists on the table despite my pleas. So then I warned her that, if she didn't stop, I would throw polenta in her hair. She obviously didn't take my warning seriously and soon was having her concert again. In that same moment I dropped my fork, grabbed a handful of polenta and sent it flying to her hair. She was shocked, as the rest of our friends and the whole canteen, but I sat back in my place, completely calm, and resumed with my lunch. Sometimes it really isn't good to provoke a person when they are irritated, right?

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