Cristiano Ronaldo

4:26 PM

 I believe many will be surprised that I'm writing about an athlete, especially about a footballer, as a person I admire. The thing is I don't see Ronaldo only as an athlete but as a brand. I don't know much about his football career except the fact that he was named the best, most influential and wealthiest football player in the world – to which his awards are a clear confirmation. Firstly I was amazed by his breakout, he was only a poor boy with a strong passion for football. I believe everyone's dreams can come true if they really and truly want it, in the years that followed young Ronaldo soon became a big name in the football world. Except in football, he is a big sensation in the modeling world and was often called a fashion icon. Ronaldo has his own underwear line and is the face of Nike. Additionally, I am fascinated by his big involvement in charities and the fact that he also helps people in need!

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