A Weekend in Vienna- Day 1; Haus der Musik and Belvedere + OOTD

8:00 AM

Last weekend Nika and I went on a school trip to Vienna. Even though we have already been there, this time we saw some new things and I wanted to share it with you. Two main places that we HAD to visit was a music museum Haus der Musik and historic complex Belvedere. At first, we thought it’ll be extremely boring, however it was a real turn-up for the books. Haus der Musik is, by far, the most remarkable museum I've ever been to. Holograms, interactive games, art pieces and much more can be found there. Despite the fact that the whole museum is about classical music, being (virtual) conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra sounds fun! Another attraction, specifically Belvedere historic complex was much more focused on vision. There we saw amazing exhibition by Gustav Klimt who is the author of well- known painting The Kiss, that can also be found there. As a true fashion blogger, I couldn't help but to take a few photos of my outfit, so now you can have a full experience of my trip. 

Haus der Musik


Outfit of the day 

Bomber- Military shop (similar)
Sweater- H&M (similar)
Pants- Zara (similar)
Shirt- New Yorker
Sneakers- AIR JORDANS (similar)

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