BUDAPEST; Citadela, Christmas market and more

8:00 AM

Last weekend I went to Budapest with my aunty who gave me this trip as a Christmas gift. Main attraction that we HAD to visit was the Christmas market, however we saw a lot more. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with Budapest because I expected much more. The weather wasn't very nice and that might be the reason why the city looked quite boring. I bet it would look really amazing in the spring! Some of the attractions that we visited were Citadella, Andrassy Boulevard, Heroes’ square (my favourite). A place with the most amazing view on Budapest is Fishermen's Bastion. After almost 3 hours of walking, we sat in an Italian restaurant close to main square, Vendetta- Pasta e basta. We were really surprised how you can find a small piece of Italy in the middle of Hungary. The pasta was incredible just as the interior and if you like Italian kitchen I ensure that you’ll be satisfied. 
Have you been in Budapest? If so, what was your favourite place there?

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