Shop the trend Spring 2017: Yellow Splash

9:41 AM

Alexander McQueen, Undercover, Boris Bidjan Saberi
As a big surprise to me, yellow made it to the runway! Even though I'm not a huge fan of bright colors and bold contrasts, this trend will give some positive energy in strict, monochromatic fashion world. If you're still not obsessing over this color, but you'd like to incorporate something different in your style, I'm suggesting you to pick some pieces in creamy shades, that won't rebound from your personal style, but will give some spice to it. 
I've chosen few items from high street shops that I would like to wear or buy, so maybe you'll find something for yourself.


Jacket- Bershka
Sneakers- Adidas
Backpack- Fjällräven

Painting credit to Rudy Lanjouw.

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