Product review: Daimon Barber

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Recently I was searching for new hair product and I've found an amazing brand from London, Daimon Barber. They have variety of products for men, from hair styling products to skin care. Thanks to them, I've got an opportunity to try out two of their products and now I'm bringing you a review!

Firstly, I was extremely satisfied with the box and the whole packaging of the products, however, the shipping wasn't the fastest but I don't attach it to their company because that's the problem of the international mail. I've ordered two products from their offer, one hair clay and one face wash lotion.

Face wash 

I have pretty sensitive skin and not a lot of products are working for me, however the Daimon Barber lotion is not harsh on the skin and the reason why is definitely because it's based on honeybee complex. After washing my face, it feels soft, fresh and healthy. Also, the smell is so good, especially if you love products that are more on natural side. One more great thing about their products is the packaging- very minimalistic and elegant, big like for that!

Texture Clay

I've order hair clay with strong hold and matte finish, because I don't like the shine in my hair, but if you do, you can find a shine finish product on their site, too. For me, the most important thing about any hair product is hold. This one is not the strongest that I've ever tried, however unlike others it doesn't make your hair sticky. It's easily washable because it's water based and they've got one more point from me because of that. Talking about styling, I would say it is better for thick hair like mine, but if you're using it and have thin hair, feel free to leave your thoughts down below. At the end, I have to emphasize the packaging once a again, the jar is looking pretty dope and you can display it anywhere without worry that'll look bad. 

All in all, I'm satisfied with the products, their packaging and the whole experience with Daimon Barber. If you've tried any of their products or have any questions for me, leave them down below.

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