Zlarin- an island without a car

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One of the sunniest island of the Adriatic Sea, an Island without a car or simply- Zlarin. It's a small island, no more than 8 km2 in total, that's a part of Šibenik-Knin Country. At first, I thought I could be there for a whole day, unfortunately it was extremely hot (even for swimming), so I had to get back to Šibenik after a few hours. Despite that, I explored almost the whole island and I'm bringing you a few of my tips and interesting facts that could help if you're planning to visit Zlarin.

There's no regular cars

The car traffic is forbidden on the island so it's perfect for anyone who enjoys careless wandering or long bike rides. However, don't get surprised if you see residents driving golf carts because that's how they bring food to their homes. If you're not a huge fan of walking, my tip for you would be- bring your bike!

You'll see real swans in the sea

I don't know if it's just me, but I'm used to seeing swans in lakes and rivers, but sea... Well, that's something totally new to me! They're just casually swimming around the boats without even minding about the sea traffic. What a great mindset, we can learn a great lesson from them.

Visit the Museum of Corals

Not just that Zlarin is also known as an island of corals, but the process of making handmade jewelry from corals is still maintained! Ticket for the museum is just 10 kn and right next to the exhibition is a small shop so you can buy unique coral jewelry. 

Have lunch at Restaurant Ivana

If you're a student like me and don't want/have much money to spend on overpriced food, make sure to visit Restaurant Ivana! Of course, fish dishes are on the pricier side, but a pizza for around 50 kn is just a great deal. Plus, it's really tasty and the staff is sweet and kind. 

Enjoy the nature

Hot weather is such a struggle, so a jump into a clear sea is a perfect refreshment for everyone. However, if you don't enjoy swimming and bathing, just like me, you can put the blanket on the grass or find a nice bench and enjoy your view! 

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