Back to school story; Who was a bitch?!


In fifth grade, we got a new English teacher and just when I was supposed to show what I knew, I messed up. Even though today English is my favorite subject and I use it as often as my mother tongue, that wasn't always the case. One time me were doing an exercise that required us to answer questions about the text we read that day; once we said the answer correctly we would write it on the white-board. The sentence I had to write was: 'Every day after school Jack goes to the beach'. Proud to have nailed the task, I headed towards my desk but was interrupted by a roar of laughter from the class and a rebuke from my teacher. Confused and scared, I looked at my teacher wide eyed. Once she figured I had no idea what I did wrong she showed towards the white-board and my sentence which said: 'Every day after school Jack goes to the bitch'. Then she waved here hand, laughed it off and corrected my mistake.

Remark: This photo is NOT staged and it was taken in school. 

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