From Ljubljana with (lots of) love


Last Saturday, my dear padre and I went on a one-day trip to Lake Blad and Ljubljana. With wonderful tourist guide from Smart Travel I've learned so many new things about the main city of Slovenia and the country itself. Even though I was not very impressed with the Blad, Ljubljana is the city that just perfectly suites my character. It’s the city with so much positive people with great vibe. Wherever you go, no matter is it a main square or a small street few minutes from the city center, you’ll find some kind of a music source. In one street, you’ll find hippies singing and dancing barefoot, having fun like nobody’s watching, and in another, you can hear native Slovenian folk musician playing his accordion. I just really enjoy the spirit of the whole city and how free you can be without caring will someone say something bad about you.

Interesting architecture masterpieces, delicious restaurants and lovely cafés are just a small piece of all the wonderful things that Ljubljana has to offer. Personally, I was very impressed with the artificial rain cloud on the Prešeren square. It’s a small section of the city’s main square where you can stand and feel water slowly drizzling on you from the pipe above. That’s just a perfect place to refresh after hours of walking on 35°C.

Hope you’ll visit Ljubljana someday because it has a lot to offer and for now (if you’re not already buying your plane tickets to Ljubljana), enjoy few of my photos!


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